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meredith + pj’s east coast fall wedding

October 16, 2022

PJ and Meredith met through mutual friends at his college graduation party. Although they remained friends for the next few years, their relationship really developed when PJ moved to the city and they began hanging out often in the Baltimore area. Once Meredith made the move to Mount Vernon the two quickly became inseparable. They could often be found at MaGerks, somewhere that offered bottomless mimosas, or PJ’s house in Federal Hill. Their friendship and interest in one another drew attention, comments, and questions from both of their friends. PJ’s feelings for Meredith began to grow… and fast. He pursued Meredith for a few months until she finally gave him a shot (clearly he’s a great shooter). They started dating on November 12, 2017, with a simple, “you’re mine” from PJ and a head nod “yes” from Meredith. Over the next three years, they enjoyed experiencing new cities, visiting wineries and breweries, attending sporting events and concerts, and trying out plenty of restaurants. They love to do as many “firsts” together as possible. After many firsts, PJ decided Meredith would be his last. Filled with nerves and excitement, PJ and Meredith went to look at engagement rings. PJ gathered ideas of what Meredith might like based on her facial expressions and lack of words at times. About a month later, while Meredith was at work, PJ drove out to Bel Air to purchase the engagement ring he designed for the love of his life. As you might have guessed by now…SHE SAID YES.

two of my couples and two wonderful sets of friends

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