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brittany + gabe’s overcast, fall rocky mountain engagement session

October 4, 2022

this type of session is my favorite; brittany + gabe just instantly seemed so comfortable in front of the camera and barely needed me to prompt them along. they were both just so focused on each other and i felt like i was intruding, honestly. the spot that we had picked out was the place where gabe proposed and so they knew that was where their engagement photos had to be taken. so a week or so beforehand, Brittany and i went to scope it out to see where the light was going to be so we could maximize golden hour. well, lo and behold, the day of the shoot rolls around and it rained all. day. long. but these two wouldn’t let a little drizzle dampen their shoot so we went anyway, got a bit rained on, but had the best time. the light (while not golden) was beautiful and the low clouds provided such a perfectly intimate feel. there was nobody else at our location either, and it felt like we had the whole world to ourselves.

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