before you inquire, please see the availability note and my travel dates below.

i can't wait to chat with you!

are you as excited as i am?

if your elopement or wedding is in one of these places, you're in for a discounted day of coverage from me. 







let's be real, a dream destination would be anywhere outside of the us (sorry alaska) so if you're planning an international day and would like to work together, let me know and we'll make it happen!

dream destinations

france: jan. 24-29, 2024
paso robles : may 14-20, 2024
moab: may 30-june 2 2024
new york: june 25-july 5, 2024
north carolina, aug. 30-sept. 5, 2024
scotland, oct. 13-27th, 2024

travel note:

My books are closed for april, may + june, 2024!

i have limited availability through the rest of the summer. 

Availabilty note:

Thank you for the inquiry we will get back to you shortly