before you inquire, please see the availability note, compatibility note, and my travel dates below. 

i can't wait to chat with you!

are you as excited as i am?

charelston: jan 11-15

florida: march 24-27

maryland: april 27- may 30
june 16 - july 3

scotland: july 4- july 17

acadia nat'l park: sept 22- 25

maryland: sept 29-oct 10

2022 travel dates:

if you're inquiring for a marriage day in maryland i am fully booked.

if you're in colorado, inquire away! for 2022, i'll be in colorado for all dates not listed below under "2022 travel dates".

my 2023 calendar is open for bookings! 

availability note:

compatibility note:

not every photog is right for every couple and that is a-okay! the inquiry form is a great way for me to (among other things) see if we'll be the best fit for each other. 

your shoot, elopement, or marriage day is such an important milestone and i only want the best for you. if it turns out that i'm not the right fit for you i will send you a few recommendations of other photogs who i think can execute your vision! 

Thank you for the inquiry we will get back to you shortly