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Mary + Hein’s Great Falls Misadventure

November 23, 2019

Okay…so ‘why was this a misadventure?’ you may be asking yourself. This shoot started out on a good note: easy conversation the whole drive towards Great Falls. The problem? We never found Great Falls. Sure…eventually we found part of it, but not really.

But let me back up. I texted Mary, a local model and employee of Lilac Bijoux to see if her and her boyfriend would like to volunteer their time, beautiful faces, and Saturday morning to go and take some photos at Great Falls. Mary + Hein agreed and we set a date.

Flash forward to that fateful Saturday- we met up early Saturday morning and started driving towards DC. The drive was easy, we chit-chatted about school, business ventures, etc.

Then everything went sideways. Turns out I had entered in the wrong address for Great Falls. Strike one.

Then after finding the correct address (or so we thought) we started driving again. This time we made it to a small town and we couldn’t make it any further. The town was having some sort of parade that completely blocked off the main street of the town, and the only way to get to the section of Great Falls we were aiming for. Strike two.

So..Mary and I looked at the map and tried to find any way to get to Great Falls because at this point, we couldn’t turn back…we had spent ALL morning trying to make it this far. Finally, we found a turn off onto a narrow strip of a road that lead us to a bike path that connected to Great Falls. Success!

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