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Anna + Andrew’s Proposal + Engagement Session // Washington, DC + Georgetown

November 14, 2019

I was sitting in a psych class when the notification came through. It was an inquiry request from someone named Andrew; and Andrew was looking for someone to take photos of him proposing to his then-girlfriend, Anna. I quickly (sorry professor) logged into my email, read over the details, and responded to Andrew.

His plan was sweet yet simple. He wanted to take some photos around the Lincoln Memorial, and then propose to Anna in front of the Washington Monument. So after emailing and texting back and forth we set a date, time, and place to meet.

Fast forward to November 10th and I met up with Anna + Andrew at the base of the Lincoln Memorial. Of all the proposal’s I’ve shot, they’ve never started with the bride-to-be knowing about the proposal or the fact that photos were going to be taken. But Anna from the beginning knew we were meeting to take photos and so I had to remind myself not to walk up to her and just scream ‘CONGRATS!’. Luckily we all started chatting about the monuments, the permitting process, and how nice the weather was (50 degrees and overcast in November- yes please).

They did this spin all by themselves without any prompting from me- how perfect are they!?

We started at the reflecting pool and worked our way up to the Lincoln Memorial from there. Anna + Andrew were such pro’s when it came to photos, and Anna even had ideas of the images she wanted which was totally fine by me ????????

Andrew had told me what his plan had been from the get-go. He wanted to propose to Anna in a specific spot so that the Washington Monument and the Mall would be in the background. And then after we were in place, and they had set their jackets down, he would say “I need to get something out of my jacket” and then go grab the ring box. When we made our way up to the Lincoln Memorial, Anna happened to point to the exact spot that Andrew had wanted for the proposal shot (and she had no idea)- how perfect!?

So we made our way up the steps, got situated in the spot where both Andrew and Anna wanted to shoot, and we took maybe two images before Andrew stated he needed something out of his jacket and headed towards their pile of coats to grab the ring box.

Almost as soon as he turned around, Anna started crying and shaking her head in disbelief. Andrew at this point was back in front of Anna, and he hugged her and then got down on one knee, and popped the question, and Anna of course said “Yes!”.

and then a tourist dressed as an American flag asked to see Anna’s ring ????

After shooting in DC, we headed to Georgetown for more photos. On the drive over, Anna tried to FaceTime her parents to tell them the good news, and they didn’t answer which Anna said was odd. The reason they didn’t answer? Andrew had planned another surprise….He had brought in both of their families (who hadn’t even met yet) in for the engagement! Anna’s family came all the way from Seattle for this special moment.

cue all the tears!
obligatory sister pics!
We then found the most beautiful driveway in Georgetown

Anna + Andrew’s families were so sweet, and so willing to help out to create the perfect fall image… plus who doesn’t want to throw leaves at your family members and future family members? Andrew had his eyes closed in anticipation of having hundred of leaves thrown at his face

they were so excited (and good at their jobs) that both families insisted on throwing leaves a second time, so we did!
and finally- that ring shot tho ????. Anna and her sister picked the most beautiful fall
leaves for the ring shot!

Congrats Anna + Andrew!

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