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When should we take engagement photos in the Rockies?

February 28, 2023

Depending on the elevation of where you’re looking to elope or have your couples shoot…it can drastically change the weather conditions. Below I’ll list what each month might look like in the mountains at about 9000ft.

January – April: Snowy, snowy, snowy. The weather for the start of the year will always be cold and snowy, and potentially very windy at times. That’s not to say we don’t have bluebird days because we definitely do, but if you’re hoping to elope in the mountains during this time, be on the safe side and expect potentially harsh conditions. There will be feet of snow on the ground as well, so keep this in mind when picking your locations!

These were taken on February 6th at 9,500ft
These were taken on March 28th at 9,017ft
These were taken on April 18th at 9,500ft and there were still patches of snow on the ground. None of us wore jackets and I even wore
Tevas for the first time all year!

May: May in the mountains can still be very snowy and cold…last year we got a storm on May 21st and got multiple feet of snow in two days! However, it can also be warm, sunny, muddy, or Spring-like. I’ve come to learn that May is a tumultuous weather month. May can also be mud season which means muddy, wet ground and the chance for mudslides…yay!

This was taken May 17th at 9,500ft and it was a beautiful, warm, sunny day.

June-Early Sept: Summer of course is a wonderful time to be in the mountains. There’s usually a chance for an afternoon thunderstorm, but it’s always quick! The end of June and early July is wildflower season at higher elevations, and while I haven’t yet experienced that in person, it is a beautiful time to capture photos. The temps are balmy, there’s rarely an overcast day (apart from those afternoon storms), and the aspens are beautiful.

These were taken on August 3rd at 9,000ft
These were taken on September 3rd at 9,017ft

Mid-Late September: This part of September is when the aspens start to change colors and fall sets in. Fall is very fast at 9000ft and, visually, only lasts a couple of weeks.

September 16th at 9,500ft
September 17th at 11,500ft

Here’s where the drastic change happened last year…

These were taken on September 21st at 10,804ft

October: Mild sunny days followed by cold nights and snow starting to accumulate on the peaks. Early October is mild, and late October is when snow can start to fall at lower elevations.

This was taken on October 12th at 9,000ft

November + December: Snow!! We’re back to a winter wonderland ❄️

This was taken on November 19th at 9,097ft
This was taken on December 12th at 11,493ft

Recap: if you’re looking for snowy engagement photos with your better half, you can have your pick of the bulk of the months…anytime from November–April and you’ll definitely have snow! From May-September, you can expect more mild weather, and in late June/early July you can expect wildflowers.

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