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ali + john’s spring engagement shoot in the rocky mountains

April 21, 2022

ali + john met in 2015 at a mutual friend’s halloween party where ali went dressed in a koala onesie and john went as his pro golfer doppelganger, jason day. when john saw ali he b-lined it over to her, asked if he could sit next to her, they got to talking, and they’ve been inseparable every since that day. ⁠

for their engagement shoot, ali + john had every weather condition possible that a wintery spring day in the mountains could provide: snow, sunshine, more snow, and wind. but they laughed the whole way through it and we finished at the best local wine bar to warm up and (thanks to one of the wine bar regulars) chat about what we’d bring with us to a deserted island.⁠

congrats on your engagement ali + john!! ⁠

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