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Tay + Byron’s Sapphire Point Overlook Mountaintop Colorado Anniversary Sesh

February 10, 2022

if you’re following me on instagram you know i just moved to colorado a couple of weeks ago…and it’s been amazing. like, wow. i visited colorado in june for four days and within 48hrs of getting back home to maryland, i’d booked a return trip (with no return ticket) to colorado to spend a month with my best friend who lives out here as well. that trip turned into a month and a week…then a month and two weeks…then a month and a half + a signed lease. whoops. and what a fun way to kick off this new chapter than by taking photos of two of my roommates who happen to be an adorable, newly married couple?

y’all better be as impressed as i was at tay’s boots and the fact that she hiked an icy, snowy trail in them…girl didn’t fall once. and that trail was NOT flat.

scroll to the bottom for an adorable gif of these two *cue all the heart eyes*

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