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Impromptu Bonneville Salt Flats Couple Session

November 26, 2021

okay so. i’ve been dying to go to the Bonneville salt flats in utah for years and years…and while living in colorado over the past summer i realized just how close they were and how a fun a six and a half hour road trip would be to check this off of my bucket list. so on a Thursday i drove out to salt lake city, got a hotel, saw a friend from high school, and then woke up early the next day to drive the last hour and a half to the salt flats.

the salt flats themselves are right on the very edge of utah…closer to nevada then anything and much smaller than i had thought. they are a tiny part of a larger desert but their size did nothing to diminish the excitement i had for FINALLY making it there.

i spent a couple of hours on the flats, taking photos and soaking everything in. i had tried to find a couple to shoot there and after contacting a number of local couples (all of which were busy and unavailable at such short notice) and then when i was driving back to the parking lot bummed that i hadn’t even run across a couple on the flats to ask if they would like any photos i turned around and saw the couple pictured below…and again, being the type of photographer who doesn’t ever ask strangers if i can take photos of them i thought, “yolo…why the heck not?” i got my camera back out, went to talk to them and they agreed to pose for a few minutes for me!

it’s the shortest i’ve ever shot anyone but it was pretty clear they were trying to take their own photos and were only being nice so after a quick few minutes i said my thank you’s, got their emails to send them the photos and went on my way.

as soon as i drove away i was beating myself up thinking of all the cool poses i should’ve used to get more of the photos that i really wanted but i reminded myself that they weren’t in the mood and that it was huge of me to even get out of my comfort zone and ask them if i could shoot them. but at the end of the day i’m just so relieved that i have any photos from this day to share.

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