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One Way to Have a COVID Safe Wedding in 2020

August 4, 2020

i know we all are so tired of hearing the ‘c’ word but this is important and i needed to get your attention!

if you’re planning on getting married in 2020 (or let’s be real, early 2021 too), you might want to try this simple, easy hack to make all of your guests + vendors feel safe.

olivia reed photo covid couple

i can’t take credit for this idea, as it was shared with me be a friend, but she’s given me permission to share the idea because it is just TOO good not to share.

her idea: get a ton of knockoff Livestong bracelets in red, green, and yellow to pass out to guests.

what does that do?? you might be asking yourself…well, i’ll tell you!

along with the knockoff Livestrong bracelets (which you can buy here) you will need printouts that say the following:

Green: I am here to support the happy couple, and I am okay with breaking the socially distant distance, but please wear a mask if you approach me.

Yellow: I am here to support the happy couple, and I would like to maintain social distancing. If you come up to me, please be socially distant and wear a mask.

Red: I am here to support the happy couple, but I am high risk, so please maintain social distance and wear a mask. I would feel more comfortable if you did not approach me.

once you have your signs, and your bracelets, set them in a few places so that people can easily find them. It might be best to have separate stations for each color, so those who may pick red or yellow can be distance from those picking green.

and of course, always encourage your guests to maintain all social distancing rules/regulations and to wear a mask when applicable + possible!

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