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Meghan + Justin’s Intimate Wedding Ceremony

August 23, 2020

While Meghan + I may have met first (in those awkward days of middle school…yikes) her + Justin’s story is much more epic.

Meghan + Justin met in a Summer calculus 3 class at Anne Arundel Community College in 2016. They lost touch after each went back to their respective schools in the Fall, but then reconnected + started dating the following Summer.

Since 2017, they’ve dated long distance while both finishing their undergrad degrees (her in TN, him in VA) and then dated even further distance while Meghan was in England pursuing her graduate degree.

While in England, Justin visited and they two of them took a trip to Paris where he proposed in the Queens Garden at Versailles (😍).

Flash forward through COVID and wedding re-adjusting….they were still able to get married surrounded (in a socially distant) manner by their families!

Congratulations Meghan + Justin!

Due to COVID, Meghan’s original bouquet didn’t work out so instead her bouquet was a handmade collection of roses made from pages out of her dad’s favorite books.

Her original dress + veil didn’t come in on time either, so this dress was a last minute online purchase with an Etsy veil. But you would never know 😍

Their masks didn’t come in on time either so Meghan DIY’d some corgi masks out of a pair of Justin’s socks!

Can’t wait to celebrate again with you both next year for your reception!

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