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want to know what sets me apart?

i have no ulterior motive at all...and some photographers do. this is YOUR big day, this is YOUR marriage and it should be about one thing and one thing only: celebrating you.

some photographers have their own vision for how THEY think your day should go and i think that's ridiculous. my only job is to capture your love, whatever that means and however that unfolds. the only plan i have for your day is to bring 100% of my A-game and celebrate you. i'll make suggestions here or there based on lighting and what might look best location wise, but that's it. i'm a fly on the wall with a camera, it's not my show, it's yours. 

you've found your person, your better half, your sun and stars. now it's time to celebrate. pics or it didn't happen, right? this package includes eight hours of wedding day coverage, a free one-hour engagement session (when you book within 14 days), help with a day-of timeline + more! 

time to celebrate 🎉

eight hours


package one

want to celebrate your love but can't have a full-length wedding day because of COVID? let's celebrate with 4hrs of coverage, a free 45min engagement session (when you book within 14 days), + help with a day-of timeline

covid got you down?

micro wedding



want to ditch the frills of a wedding and escape off with your best friend to celebrate your love? sounds good to me! elopements are a great opportunity to do + go exactly whatever and wherever the f you want. each elopement is different so let's chat details to figure out pricing and what works best for you two.

shh! it's a secret!


$let's chat

package two

let's go wherever is most meaningful for you and your better half. whether it's a zip code or a time zone away.

$375 hour + half
$200 45min

not ready to tie the knot yet? i offer engagement, proposal + couple sessions as well! 

(adj.) love-struck

twitterpaited: /ˈtwidərˌpādəd/

i'm a firm believer that you're beautiful just the way you are and that your significant other loves YOU therefore they love everything about you. i won't photoshop out anything that makes you you and i can't make you skinnier, tanner, etc. i'm happy to try and remove pesky acne but please note i'm not a professional photoshopper i'm a professional photographer.

will you photoshop out xyz?

the short answer: HECK  YES.
the long answer: i love traveling and going wherever your dream shoot, wedding or elopement will take us! i ask that you cover hotel + air/train/mileage etc. but we can figure all that out when you inquire. 

do you travel?

yes! your gallery has a built in printing option (how cool!), that way you can easily print images for yourself, your family, + your friends. the images you get from me will also never have watermarks and you do not need to pay extra to download images.

do you offer prints?

i only send the best of the best of your images and i only send images that are fully edited within my artistic standard. the style of your images will reflect what you see here on my website and on my instagram.

do we get all the photos you take?

a few frequently asked questions

great question. it's crucial to hire a photog who wants to capture YOUR love, not their own version of you. i work best with couples who value whatever makes the best photo, are down to earth, utterly in love with their significant other, love capturing moments rather than the frills, don't stick to traditions just because "that's what you do", love a great dance party + are ready to celebrate.

how do we know if we're a good fit?

i'm a firm believer that the best images are captured from naturally unfolding moments and so no, i do not work from a shot list. however! i will always take full bridal party photos, couple portraits, and family photos. in certain circumstances i'm happy to take very specific images, but i make no promises...it's hard to capture your day the best if i'm constantly glancing down at a shot list.

can we give you a shot list?

i will always retain full copyright of my images, but don't worry because that doesn't impact you at all! you will have full ability to use your images for personal use-- i.e. posting to social media, printing for yourself, family and/or friends. 

what about copyright?

ewww, david!! (if you got that reference we TOTALLY need to work together) no! i will and have never watermarked an image. as to how many images...i don't like to give a cap and i have a bit of a shutter finger so i can't give you a max number, but you will definitely have at least 700 images for a full day, and at least 300 images for a micro wedding or elopement.

do you watermark images? + how many can we expect?

unfortunately no, you do not. my photos are my art and i reserve the right to only share the best of the best which means i only share fully edited images that align with my artistic standard. plus the file sizes are huuuuuuge so trust me, you don't want them.

do we get the raws?

omg no, trust me, you don't want that!! that would be awful. i'm happy though to send you the name of a great videographer!!!

do you do video as well?

when you book, i require a deposit of 30% of the package price. this secures your date! after that, the remainder of your payment is due no later than two weeks before the wedding day. if you'd like to break your package price up into smaller chunks that's a-ok too, but the deposite will always be 30%. military discounts available!

how does payment work?

9/10 yes! not every photog works this way, but i will most likely always have a second shooter with me. this may vary depending on how long your day is and how restrictive the timeline is, but that's something i'm happy to chat with you on! if you 1000% want a second shooter than i will find one.

do you BRING a second photographer with you?

yes! omg my worst fear (literally i can't tell you how many stress dreams i've had about this) is getting to your wedding and my equipement malfunctioning. but it can happen so i have made sure that i always have backups! however, if anything were to happen, my goal is that you'll never know 😉 i NEVER want to stress you out more than you already are!

do you have backup equipement?

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