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Kristen + Darius’ 10-year anniversary session on Roosevelt Island in DC

January 7, 2021

Their love story told by Kristen: “Darius and I were in the same friend group in high school but started dating our junior year. We fell in love fast and have truly been each other’s best friend throughout our relationship.  We overcame family drama and long-distance military life within the 10 years we’ve been together. We have been happily married and lived in the same time zone for the last 4 years and were very thankful to celebrate a decade of love with these gorgeous photos.” 

I always love to shoot somewhere that’s important and meaningful to my couples however sometimes, we shoot places that they’ve never been and we explore together. That’s exactly what happened here! We set the location as Theodore Roosevelt Island which is on the Potomac, smack between DC + Virginia w/ views of Georgetown University (or American Hogwarts as I used to think…it looks like Hogwarts, (don’t @ me)). The island is in the middle of this DC–Georgetown–Virginia triangle and it’s a really quiet oasis despite it’s location. There are plenty or running trails, a beautiful huge area with a monument + these gorgeous steps you see below, and the only way to get here is to walk across this beautiful, huge walking bridge from the VA side.

Together we explored, walked a pretty big chunk of the island (the whole thing is 88.5 acres…no joke) and had a blast!

Congrats on celebrating such an important milestone Kristen + Darius!!!

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