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Summer 2020 Dream Wedding Mood Board

May 1, 2020

A few months ago, I posted a blog with a Spring, dream wedding mood board for couples and it was a hit! So, without further ado, here is my Summer 2020 dream wedding mood board.

If you know me, you know I love all things celestial. Stars are my faaaavorite thing. I’ve even taken an astronomy class (very fun, highly recommend it, especially if the more mainstream sciences aren’t your thing). So it shouldn’t be a shock that my Summer mood board is celestial in theme, and in name.

This mood board is all about dark earth tones, and clear night skies. Want to shop the mood board? Scroll down for links to shop my favorite details from this season’s board. Note, some of the links are affiliate links.

olivia reed photo summer 2020 dream wedding mood board. annapolis maryland wedding photographer

Not-your-mamas-wedding-dress wedding dresses….off-white bridal gowns, beaded, boho, ethereal, and totally your own- Sweet Caroline Styles and Rue de Seine and A&Bé Bridal Shop

Swoon worthy long veils. Shop here, La Voile Rose and BHLDN for those long, gossamer style, feather light, and whisper thin veils.

Dried florals for all of your floral dream needs. Dried florals are the perfect way to combat that summer heat, but still have that soft beauty. Shop here for florals that won’t wilt or die in the summer heat: Shop MARANTA and Teresa’s Plants and More LLC.

Last but certainly not least. Let’s do away with those sparkler exits and try something so much more fun! *drum roll please* Chinese lanterns! Chinese lanterns are such a fun way to end your wedding night. They are truly magical, although probably best for smaller weddings. Click here to shop some eco-friendly, biodegradable lanterns.

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