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Kathleen + Chris’s Surprise Proposal

February 7, 2020

My phone dinged with a DM from Taylor, a friend from high school. I swiped to open the notification and respond to her. She was wondering if I was free that weekend to shoot her best friend getting proposed to. Ummmm 4 finals to study for, graduation in 6 days, and a paper to write…did I have time? HECK YES. So I immediately responded, telling her I would love to!

Taylor put me in contact with Chris, the fianc√© to be and we got to planning. Chris was originally planning to propose at the local maritime museum, but since he and Kathleen were staying at Taylors parents house and it’s the most picturesque home in Maryland, he quickly changed his mind. Once he settled on his location, we were all set!

Skip to a few days later, I’m headed out to the house and Chris and I are excitedly texting where I should hide once there, where he is thinking of asking Kathleen, etc. etc. Finally after arriving, and safely hidden behind a bush like a weirdo, they start to walk down through the backyard towards the pier. They make their way out to the dock and luckily there are bushes on either side of the pier so I hide behind those as Chris walks Kathleen all the way to the end.

Once Chris is situated, he and Kathleen talk a little, and then he gets down on one knee, pops the question, and she says ‘Yes!’. Woo! So now that the scary part was over, we started taking photos, all around this gorgeous property.

After both Kathleen and Chris had taken turns pushing each other on the swing (because as Kathleen argued: equality means you both push each other #feminism ????) we headed over to the a small, unassuming building on the property. On the outside, it’s a cute little hut, on the inside, the top floor (which is ground level) is a pool house- complete with changing rooms and a beautiful nautical vibe. The bottom floor? The bottom floor which is subterranean is a wine cellar! A freaking wine cellar. In this wine cellar, Chris had set up some candles, a vase of roses, a bottle of wine, cheese, and Kathleen’s favorite: chai! Girl after my own heart.

After a quick snack break, we headed back out to finish out the shoot (now all full on cheese and wine, yes please).

Again, love Kathleen’s feminist spirit — she wanted to take Chris on a piggy-back ride as well!

Congratulations Kathleen + Chris!

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