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Ally + Chase’s Engagement Session

February 5, 2020

Guysss! Ally + Chase are engaged!!! Ally, Chase, and I had had plans to take a Christmas card photo in November. The day-of Ally texted me to let me know some exciting news…Chase had proposed the night before! Ally and I had gone to high school together so we already knew each other (high school friends ????) and I had shot Ally’s sister’s wedding this past summer (which omg I need to blog because it was perfect). So when she told me the news I was SO excited for her!!!

Shooting Ally + Chase’s engagement session was one of the easiest sessions I’ve had! Not to say that my other couples are difficult, because they’re not AT ALL, but we just clicked you know? Sometimes you get really lucky and get to work with two people and it doesn’t feel like work at all. You get along, you have fun, and there’s no awkward small talk. Those are my favorite clients to ‘work’ with.

Happy engagement Ally + Chase!!

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