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Alyssa + Collin’s Annapolis Proposal

September 30, 2019

A notification pops up on my phone screen. Someone wants to send me a DM. I hop on instagram and check…and it’s a friend from my old job asking if I’m free because he’s going to propose to his girlfriend *cue all the heart eye emojis*! I immediately respond and Collin spends the next fifteen minutes or so explaining what his plans are, how he will ask Alyssa to marry him, and everything in between.

Fast forward to this past Saturday and Collin, his friends, and family have been working all day prepping his parents backyard for the big moment. As we got closer and closer to Alyssa’s arrival time, Collin was getting more and more nervous. When she was a few minutes away we headed down to the dock where Collin checked on the ring one last time. With Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years” playing on repeat, the family and friends who were waiting and watching stopped talking right as Alyssa’s headlights lit up the yard, and Collin announced quietly, “she’s here.”

Collin had mentioned that he wasn’t a man of many words when it came to things like this, so he let the decorations he had spent all day preparing tell Alyssa what was going on. As you’ll see…she figured it out pretty quickly. After she mad her way down through the yard and to the dock, she ran to Collin. They hugged, and then he popped the question, and of course- she said yes!!

Congrats Alyssa + Collin! ????

Alyssa and Collin had been dating since sophomore year of high school!

Collin wore the tie he wore from their first high school dance together.
Congrats Alyssa + Collin!!!

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