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Brenna + José’s Surprise Summer Proposal // Annapolis Maryland Engagement Photographer

July 11, 2018

José and Brenna met at a dance at the Naval Academy when José was a midshipmen. They had a group chat with friends where they all sent pictures of themselves and chose who they wanted their dates to be. Brenna picked José and José picked Brenna and the rest was history!

Also, I’m pretty sure Tinder stole their whole platform from Brenna + José, just saying ;).

Fast forward a few years and few weeks and José pops into my inbox looking for a photographer to capture his proposal to Brenna. I had only documented one other proposal, so I was pretty excited to shoot José popping the question to Brenna!

The plan was, they would have dinner and then José would convince Brenna to go downtown to get ice cream. I got a text from José describing what they were wearing (so that I could find them), and that they were on their way. Once they got downtown, they walked over to the bulkhead and as they were looking at the boats, José got down on one knee, popped the question, and Brenna said ‘yes!’! Strangers clapped, Brenna cried, and José looked extremely relieved.

With an hour of light left, we walked around downtown and then to Navy to capture their new engagement!


Congrats Brenna + José!!!

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